Player Questionnaire

Player Questionnaire (please bring form completed
to first day of tryouts)
1.       What is your purpose for being a competitive soccer player?
2.       How would you make a positive impact in this program?
3.       List your favorite position to play and your best position if it is  different than your favorite position?
4. What are your mental strengths as a player? Examples: character, work ethic, leadership, determination, commitment, sportsmanship, coachable, heart, ( to name a few)
5. What are your physical strengths as a players? ( Speed, strength, power, endurance, and quickness)
6. What are your strengths in the game? ( What parts of the game do you impact the most?
Example: 1) skills( dribbling, passing, finishing, receiving), 2) decision making: ( where to pass, where to make runs), 3) defense: one vs one 4) Fitness 5)  mental toughness
List them below and explain why ?
7.What are you weakness? ( using examples above) List them below and explain why?
8.  What special qualities do you bring to the program and how would you be a great addition to the program?