2017 JV Holiday Tournament

12/9 Championship Game 5pmPool A / 1st placevs. Pool B / 1st place
3rd Place Pool 3:30pPool A / 2nd Placevs. Pool B / 2nd Place
Pool AGame 1Game 2Game 3Total Points
Buena4-1 (9 pts)0-0 (4 pts)13 pts
Oak Park3-0 (10 pts)0-0 (4 pts)14 pts
Canyon0-3 (0 pts)3-0 (10 pts)10 pts
Rio Mesa1-4 (1 pts)0-3 (0 pts)1 pts
Pool B
Camarillo0-0 (4 pts)2-0 (9 pts)13 pts
Ventura1-2 (1 pts)0-0 (4 pts)5 pts
Oxnard2-1 (8 pts)1-1 (4 pts)12 pts
Westlake1-1 (4 pts)0-2 (0 pts)4 pts

Teams that are listed first is the HOME TEAM /  All games are 30-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime. All ties go straight to kicks on Saturday for advancement for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place games.

Saturday, December 2nd:
8:00a Oxnard (2) vs Ventura (1)
9:30a Buena (4) vs Rio Mesa (1)
11:00p Oxnard (1) vs. Westlake (1)
12:30p Canyon (0) vs Oak Park (3)
2:00p Camarillo (0) vs Ventura (0)
3:30p Canyon (3) vs. Rio Mesa (0)
5:00p Camarillo (2) vs Westlake (0)
6:30p Buena (0) vs Oak Park (0)
Saturday, December 9th CANCELLED  Due to the recent fires in Ventura, air quality, and the Ventura Unified School District being closed until Monday December 8, 2017 the JV Tournament has been cancelled.  We are looking at options for rescheduling to later date and will advise.
9:00a Oxnard vs Camarillo
10:30a Buena vs Canyon
12:00a Westlake vs Ventura
1:30p Rio Mesa vs Oak Park
3:30p 3rd Place: Pool A 2nd Place vs Pool B 2nd Place
5:00p CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Pool A 1st Place vs Pool B 1st Place


Buena Junior Varsity Girls 2017-2018 Holiday Tournament Rules/Information
Welcome to the Annual Buena Holiday Tournament / When: Saturday, December 2nd and Saturday, December 9th

Where: Buena High School 5670 Telegraph Road, Ventura, CA 93004

Matches: 3 games round robin, 3 games guarantee. 30 minute halves. 2 pools of 4 teams.

Final Games: Saturday, December 9th will have 2 periods of 5 minute overtimes and then to penalty kicks.

Player, Coach, and Spectator Conduct – All coaches are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their players, parents, and friends at their site. Poor sportsmanship, repeated fouls, verbal abuse, and negative yelling will NOT be tolerated.

Home Teams/Uniforms – The team listed first is designated the “home team” and is required to wear light color uniform and change uniforms if there is a color conflict. Home team takes the traditional home side at each stadium venue. Home team will provide a minimum of 3 games balls.

Lineup Cards – Lineup cards are required for all games, one for the referee and one for the opposing coach.

Play/Results – A master schedule board and results will be posted at the snack bar at the Buena Stadium . We will also post all results on our website: www.buenagirlssoccer.com at the end each day.


All games are 30-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime. All ties go straight to kicks on Saturday for advancement for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place games.

Tournament Rules/Points 
6 points for a WIN
3 points for a TIE
1 point for each goal scored up to 3
1 point for a SHUTOUT
8 points a FORFEIT (Considered a 1-0 Win)

Tie Breaker
Head to Head
Most Goals For
Least Goals Against
Penalty Kicks

2 Periods of 5 minutes of OVERTIME
Followed by Penalty Kicks if need be

Red/Yellow Card – An ejected player may not play in the next game. A player receiving a yellow card must be substituted out immediately. That player may re-enter the game the next time that a substitution can be made by that player’s team.

Disputes: The tournament director or his/her designee will settle all disputes and their decision will be final

1st Place – Trophy & Tournament t-shirts (22 players, 2 coaches) will be awarded to 1st place team.
2nd Place – Plaque
3rd Place – Plaque

***If you have any questions, please contact  Ashley Leonardo 805-218-7236/ Ashley.leonardo12@yahoo.com